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We are contract manufacturers that continually produce products from the ideas and creative experiences of our clients. We consistently use the highest quality of raw materials and chemical expertise to manufacture high- caliber hair care products.

From development to manufacturing, DRAGA conducts a battery of in-house quality assurance and quality control testing. All products are governed by the FDA which are immediately sent to independent laboratories for additional testing.

We guarantee that you will be proud to put your label on one of our carefully crafted product.

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Our products come in major categories for the continuously evolving lifestyles
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Passion for excellence
Participative decision making
Concern for society 
Respect for people
Nation orientation
Why The Rich Daddy International

Our collective mission is to change people’s lives while making The Rich Daddy a world-renowned brand.

Qualified Team Of Professionals

Our team of qualified professionals have expertise in governing the manufacturing, labeling as well as supply of cosmetics products worldwide.


Connected Logistics Solutions

Connected to the world by sea routes with strong financial capacity. With access to High-tech machines and automated production lines.


Quality Control & Assurance

Our in-house Lab and Quality Assurance Department comply with the Good Manufacturing Practices set forth by the International Standards Organization.


Strong Financial Capacity

Our strong financial capacity with high production, dynamic processes and working methods, allows us to maintain competitive lead times.


Global presence and highly ambitious vision.

Global reach is conveniently accomplished with our strong network and export practices since inception.
  • The company has expanded its horizon supplying to over 30 countries worldwide.
  • We strive to utilize our expertise to service potential new markets.
  • Each product line is customized to suit the desired geographical trends.

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